Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

21 Year Old Executed By San Bernardino Officer

A 21 year old man by the name Cedric May was executed by San Bernardino Police on Monday, August 24, 2009. It happened on Wall Ave., a small alley in San Bernardino, right next to his family member’s home the day after he was released from incarceration for marijuana sales. He was picking up a piece of a barbecue to celebrate his release from incarceration and his decision to clean up his act.

The story given by the officers involved is that they saw a young man running down the alley and get into a vehicle that was parked on the wrong side of the road. They claim that, when they went to investigate, Mr. May grabbed the officer by the genitals, squeezed them, grabbed his tazer and pointed it in the officer’s face. At this point, the officer’s partner supposedly was forced to shoot Mr. May to death.

Video footage shared with this reporter indicates that these reports are untrue, entirely. The family has requested the footage not be shared with the public at this point in time so that S.B.P.D. can have the opportunity to “hang” themselves with their own lies. The moment the family is certain that S.B.P.D. has settled on an official story, they and their supporters will release the footage of the slaughter.

Video footage and eyewitness accounts indicate that an officer “set-checked” (Asking what gang they were from) the people in the vehicle in the small alley (no room to park or drive more than one vehicle at a time) and ordered them to move their vehicle. When they did not move fast enough for the officers, the first officer dragged the driver out of the vehicle, had the passengers get out, handcuffed everyone from the vehicle and proceeded to assault them.

Once Mr. May identified himself as being on parole, the officers left the other three alone, proceeded to beat Mr. May worse, taze him several times and then shoot him. The officers dragged Mr. May deeper into the alley and let him die there. It was hours before an ambulance came and, when it did, officers on scene told the ambulance that Mr. May was already dead and to leave. All the while Mr. May laid on the ground, slowly dying, the officers on scene didn’t so much as offer him a band-aid. He received absolutely no medical attention. Before Mr. May’s body was removed from the scene, officers took the handcuffs off of his body and replaced them with zip-ties.

The San Bernardino Police Department claims that placing handcuffs on shot suspects is standard operating proceedure, even if the person is dead. They claim the reason behind this tactic is that officers are not EMT’s and are unable to determine whether a body is dead or not. This is curious because the officers sent medical aid away for this man, claiming that he was dead. There were other discrepencies found in the officer’s statements, too.

Currently, the S.B.P.D. claims this started out as a traffic stop; however, the video footage and eyewitness accounts indicate that the police vehicle never had any lights on. They claim the vehicle was parked going the wrong way on the street; however, the incident happened in a very tiny alley-way. The officers claim that Mr. May grabbed and squeezed the officers genitals before snatching the officer’s tazer and pointing it in the officer’s face; however, video footage and eyewitness account indicate that Mr. May was handcuffed and did not struggle except to keep from being beaten to death. If the officer was trained properly, Mr. May shouldn’t have been able to gain access to the tazer, anyway.

Another interesting fact is that this incident happened in the area of the first Operation Phoenix sect in San Bernardino. These officers were participatory in the Operation Phoenix training/attitude. Many Operation Phoenix officers hold the belief that, although harassing innocent civillians is unconstitutional, they are doing it for the greater good of society. They are comfortable with antagonizing troubled youths in the poorer parts of San Bernardino. Some have recently been accused of calling youths “nigger” and threatening to kick in their teeth. The officers involved in this execution are no different.

There are several youths claiming that the officers involved have even gone so far as to antagonize neighborhood youths until the youths retaliate and then they assault them. One child claimed to have been “chicken-winged” by one of the involved officers little more than a week ago.

Currently, the officer who supposedly shot Mr. May has been placed on paid leave. This is how the San Bernardino Police Department treats officers who murder youths in cold blood.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Operation Terrorization: Coming To A Neighborhood Near You!

A program started by San Bernardino City Mayor, Patrick J. Morris, supposedly developed to stop gang activity is being considered in Washington. The program, dubbed “Operation Phoenix,” was supposed to be a collaboration between law enforcement, social services, code enforcement and many others to “reach the community” through community centers, sweeps in high crime neighborhoods and block parties held to help “expose residents to services available to them.” These “services” were the judicial system, welfare, Child Protective Services/foster care, and code enforcement citations.

Since it’s inception, Operation Phoenix has purportedly lowered crime statistics; however, Steve Tibbetts, Criminology Professor at CSUSB, differed. Apparently, many crimes that would have been classified as “violent” crimes prior to Operation Phoenix have been reclassified to make it appear as if Operation Phoenix was actually working to lower crime when nothing could be further from the truth. It was reported that prior police chief, Michael Billdt, attempted to bully the professor into recanting his statement, but it did not work.

One of the community centers had a man (Mike Miller) working there with no actual job description who was paid $144K per year with full access to children. This resulted in the alleged molestation of at least three children. These community centers had issues: footballs & no pumps; social workers trolling for potential C.P.S. cases and nudie pic sessions between other staff members and strange women.

The “sweeps” were the worst. “Sweep” is another term for “raid” so, essentially, Operation Phoenix did raids on the poor parts of town, pretty much door to door with law enforcement, C.P.S. (Child Protective Services), code enforcement and a “part time” district attorney hired (who was paid $111K per year) to nit-pick residents for any reason to cite, arrest them and take their children into the foster care system. Teenagers were stopped, searched and ran for warrants, criminalized for simply walking around their own blocks. Complaints of officer misconduct were rampant, but residents were intimmidated into not talking.

Patrick J. Morris sits on the boards of directors to many C.P.S. contracted agencies, including but not limited to “The Children’s Fund.” For all intents and purposes, his agencies make money whenever a child is taken into the foster care system and his program bolsters foster care ratios through the proverbial roof. Now, he intends upon unleashing his program thruout the whole United States of America. That’s right! He’s going to Washington with Operation Terrorization. What is America going to do about it?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sheriff Hoops Fouls San Bernardino

It was requested of this reporter to pay a visit to the Arden Guthrie area of San Bernardino by some concerned residents on August 7th of 2009. There were reports that S.M.A.S.H. team was gearing up at a local Target parking lot and the residents were concerned that, due to complaints of officer misconduct, there may be some abuse of power impending.

At approximately 10p.m., a Fontana P.D. vehicle was seen cruising in the area. I stopped the car and asked them if they were getting ready to do an Operation Phoenix Sweep and they confirmed that they were. I told them they were welcome in the neighborhood; however, only if they were respectful of the residents and I also informed them that I would be filming. I suggested that they only “raid” the homes they had warrants for and leave the other residents alone because it is illegal to enter homes uninvited without a warrant. The officers found it humerous and the driver stated that a warrant is not always needed. A few moments later, a distraught young man, escorted by another resident, came running toward me and stated that he’d just been stopped by Fontana P.D. on Guthrie, called a “punk” and “nigger” by one of the officers and intimmidated into staying until they’d ran him for warrants.

Moments after that, a young, single mother ran to me, claiming that she had also been stopped and harassed by Fontana P.D. This was disturbing to me; therefore, I traveled around the block to Sunrise, where some children were gathered on their property, upset. I asked them what they were upset about and one said that Fontana P.D. had stopped in front of their play area and asked them what the area was called. My group has been trying very hard to change the mindset of these children and part of this was to change the street nickname from “Little Africa” to “Sunrise,” or “Arden-Guthrie.” Upon realizing what the officer was demanding, one of the older boys gave him the answer he was clearly searching for, “Little Africa.” Then, the officer rolled his eyes and stated, “I wonder why,” before he and his partner took off in their squad car.

Interestingly enough, none of these residents had seen one another that night before speaking to me. There were many other squad cars in the area and many other cops to blame; however, all of the complaints were about the same squad car with similar complaints.

I tried to call the watch commander and only spoke to a watch commander who was not involved in the sweep. He promised me that the watch commander in charge of the sweep would call me back, but they never did; therefore, I went to the Sheriff’s office on Monday morning and requested to speak with Sheriff Hoops. While I was waiting for Sheriff Hoops, Captain Tanguay came out and informed me that the Sheriff would not ever meet with me and, after I informed her of the problem, she also told me that her department is not responsible for the misconduct of other city police officers who they invited to our city.

How is it that our Sheriff’s Department can invite people into our city to do these things and take all credit for any positive results, but shirk all responsibility for any negative results? I urge all San Bernardino County residents to vote out Sheriff Hoops if this is the behavior we can expect from his underlings.
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