Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Operation Phoenix pastor wants to keep pedophile

The first city council meeting of San Bernardino after the ACORN bust found itself opening with a copy of a memo that yet another sexual predator, Jason Hoyt, was working at the very same Operation Phoenix center that alleged pedophile, Mike Miller, worked at. Apparently, the news was too much for councilman Chas Kelly to keep quiet about. With a nervous sounding voice, he finally insisted upon the council calling the matter for discussion.

When police Chief Kilmer was called upon, he explained that his department did investigate to see if there was any wrongdoing by the predator and none was found. Furthermore, he claimed, he was not considered a “high risk” sexual predator. The pastor of First Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Rhone), the church that housed the Operation Phoenix center, reportedly knew this man was a sexual predator, but he still allowed this man to do work at the church that had at least three children’s programs (including a preschool). The church had apparently requested that the convicted pedophile merely be restricted in his movements at the church.

Ultimately, though Mayor Morris objected, the council unanimously voted to give an ultimatum to Pastor Rhone: either ban all convicted sex offenders from his church to keep the children safe, or the city would stop paying rent at his facility. Also, Mr. James Penman, city attorney who is running against Morris for the position of mayor of San Bernardino, cited several laws that gave him the power to warn the parents that a pedophile had been at the Operation Phoenix center where their children had been. The police chief, Kilmer, objected; however, Penman set to warning the families the following day.

On September 23rd, the day after said city council meeting, James Penman and his investigators were posted at the children’s facility, passing out fliers stating that a sex offender had been working at their children’s pre-school: Operation Phoenix. Many Morris supporters were not in favor of telling the parents of the possibility of the children having come in contact with a convicted pedophile. Apparently, they believed, as Morris did, that it should have been kept private and he should be allowed to be there.

Pastor Rhone stated that it ws a civil rights violation to ask him to ban all sexual predators from the children’s facility as it is also a church and sexual predators have a right to worship where they please. He believes that the city council will reverse their decision and continue to have the children’s facility at his church that allows sexual predators to attend and work at.

Recently, Mayor Patrick J. Morris did meet with V.P. Joe Biden about the possibility of spreading this program throughout the United Statyes and, apparently, Mr. Biden thinks this is a good idea, as did ACORN at the genesis of Operation Phoenix.

Currently, Serenah’s Angels (a family & civil rights advocacy group in San Bernardino) is investigating further allegations that yet another pastor involved with Operation Phoenix may be harboring and protecting pedophiles on a regular basis.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Operation Phoenix and ACORN, sitting in a tree

Earlier this week, ACORN was caught on video trying to help set up a brothel for underage immigrant girls (thirteen 13-15 year olds) in San Bernardino where the profits would go to support the political career of an aspiring politician. In the video, many names were rattled off in what seemed like references by the ACORN employee who claimed to want to assist in the set up of this “business” in San Bernardino. Among the names mentioned was one Congressman Joe Baca, firm supporter of Operation Phoenix (Mayor Patrick Morris’ “anti-crime” campaign).

In his run for re-election in late 2006, Joe Baca claimed credit for his involvement in Operation Phoenix as a positive reason to re-elect him. Countless complaints of civil rights violations by Operation Phoenix officers and participants have been reported and complaints that CPS has unjustly placed families under investigation and removed children from their homes because of Operation Phoenix raids on the poorer parts of the city; however, no complaint of Operation Phoenix can be considered as vile as the alleged molestation of three children in the “community centers” by Operation Phoenix employee (at 144K per year salary), Mike Miller.

Recently, Mayor Patrick J. Morris has taken his “anti-crime” program to Washington and promoted it for use throughout the United States. Patrick Morris is an ex CPS judge who sits on the boards of directors to many non-profits, some of which are contracted by CPS and make money every time his Operation Phoenix program lands a child into the foster care system. He is currently seeking re-election in San Bernardino.

As it turns out, ACORN directly supported Patrick J. Morris’ Operation Phoenix at a San Bernardino City council meeting in late 2007. Some twenty ACORN members showed up in red vests in support of the communistic program and were recognized by the mayor and council there. Considering the molestations, ties to many non-profits and similarities between the general template suggested by ACORN for the brothel and Operation Phoenix affiliate non-profits, one has to consider if Operation Phoenix and the re-election of Patrick J. Morris are a good idea for San Bernardino at all, much less the United States.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Penman finds free boxing program for disadvantaged youths of San Bernardino

Only a few weeks ago, the local media covered a story about the shooting of several children in the Arden and Guthrie area of San Bernardino. Some citizens were saddened, others were outraged. Many feel that the violence is unstoppable and merely shake their heads in disappointment and shame of what San Bernardino has become in the face of such tragedies as these. Others, such as Jim Penman (City Attorney who is currently running for mayor), searched for solutions to cure the problem.

Mr. Penman found that The Home of Neighborly Service was willing to take on the challenged children and provide them with a unique program involving free boxing lessons, mentoring and tutoring. The rules for the program include the children having to maintain a C average grade point average. Regardless of where their grades are when they join, they’ll be permitted to begin the program. If their grades are low, they will be required to use the tutoring service.

Another interesting part of the program are the rules surrounding the sportsmanship in and out of the gym. None of the children will be permitted to use their boxing to intimidate others inside or outside of the gym. They will be part of a program that teaches tolerance and kindness to others and the importance of respecting not only others, but themselves. It is a strict rule of the program that the children are taught that, regardless of where the members come from, they are all there to support one another. No gang, drug or bully activity will be tolerated in the program.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still, No Investigation Into Operation Phoenix

It has been over a year since sexual assault charges on multiple minors were brought against Mike Miller, employee of San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris’ Operation Phoenix Center (at $144K per year salary with no full job discription and full access to small children), and there has yet to be a public investigation into Operation Phoenix. In fact, Patrick J. Morris has taken his “anti-crime” program idea to Washington to promote it for use throughout the United States of America. Such behavior has upset residents across the United States and concerns many civil rights activists.

According to residents in San Bernardino, it would seem that the right to be free from illegal search and seizure does not exist during so called “Operation Phoenix Sweeps” in San Bernardino, Ca. Many residents claim that officers involved in Operation Phoenix muscle their ways into local youths’ book bags and detain innocent citizens while officers “run” them for warrants in targeted areas. Some have even claimed that officers have planted evidence on them.

In the very first Operation Phoenix area, officers shot a young man by the name of Cedric May to death and much controversy has surrounded the case. Eyewitness accounts and video footage would indicate that the young man was shot while in handcuffs; however, the officers involved claimed that Cedric May had wrestled away the trained and experienced officer’s tazer and pointed it at the officer’s face. No weapons or drugs were found on Cedric May’s person or in the vehicle he was traveling in.

Countless cases of child abuse were brought against families in Operation Phoenix areas who all seem to have the same complaint: that they were denied the right to present evidence or call witnesses to clear their names in front of judges affiliated with child protection services contracted agencies. Mayor Patrick J. Morris founded a few of these, such as The Children’s Fund (the business diagnoses child abuse). The more children who need to be checked out, the more grants his “non-profit” gets from the government: all at the tax payer’s expense.

A year ago, Councilwomen Wendy McCammack and Esther Estrada wanted an investigation into the program. Considering the recent allegations of child molestation in an Operation Phoenix community center, they felt that there were answers needed for the public; however, Councilman Chas Kelly did not find the situation as serious as the councilwomen did. This reporter caught him on camera, giggling while Wendy McCammack implored and investigation into Operation Phoenix.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Arrest made in the Arden/Guthrie Shooting

Not much positive has been said of the little, East-side of San Bernardino neighborhood that used to be known as "Little Africa” in recent days. Other residents of San Bernardino have claimed the neighborhood is gang-infested, crawling with pimps and hookers. The neighborhood residents have been trying to oversome stereotypes attached to the neighborhood from years ago. On September second, a tragedy struck the neighborhood: four children were shot while playing.

Police immediately responded to the scene and secured the area. No vehicles could leave the area and none could come in. The father of two of the children who were shot attempted to break through the secure area and reach his bleeding children, but police aggressively stopped him so that his children could receive proper medical care. Only hours later, he was grateful to the officer who accidentally sprained his wrist and helped to save his children’s lives.
The residents were confused and angry, trying to find reason for the incident. Many of them considered this altercation and that, trying to think of suspects. Some blamed the fact that the street lamps were not functional. Others blamed a recently sprouted urban legend.

Police worked ‘round the clock, taking every viable lead they could get. Dealing with the victims, neighbors, family and friends of the victims, the police did not let up when the station closed for the night. One would never consider that these cops and youths did not have much respect for one another in recent months if they were to look at the way the case was handled on both sides. Only weeks ago, the area supervising officer had to deal with PR issues in that area. An officer was kind enough to come out and speak with the children and explain where the police were coming from and promised that the children’s issues with certain officers would be dealt with accordingly. A truce was called.

Last night, an arrest was made in the shooting. The police won’t say much, but it is apparent that they have enough evidence to file charges on the individual. An exhausted area sergeant called and explained the dedication given by the police officers involved in the investigation this morning. He added that there couldn’t be much said of the individual who was in custody because it may cause problems with the case when it goes to trial. That respect will be given.

The neighborhood in question will be holding a meeting on Saturday to begin a neighborhood watch program. The area sergeant will be gathering tools for them; however, they won’t be ready for the Saturday meeting because it is short notice for him and he has, after all, been working ‘round the clock on the shooting case. He deserves his weekend.
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