Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still, No Investigation Into Operation Phoenix

It has been over a year since sexual assault charges on multiple minors were brought against Mike Miller, employee of San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris’ Operation Phoenix Center (at $144K per year salary with no full job discription and full access to small children), and there has yet to be a public investigation into Operation Phoenix. In fact, Patrick J. Morris has taken his “anti-crime” program idea to Washington to promote it for use throughout the United States of America. Such behavior has upset residents across the United States and concerns many civil rights activists.

According to residents in San Bernardino, it would seem that the right to be free from illegal search and seizure does not exist during so called “Operation Phoenix Sweeps” in San Bernardino, Ca. Many residents claim that officers involved in Operation Phoenix muscle their ways into local youths’ book bags and detain innocent citizens while officers “run” them for warrants in targeted areas. Some have even claimed that officers have planted evidence on them.

In the very first Operation Phoenix area, officers shot a young man by the name of Cedric May to death and much controversy has surrounded the case. Eyewitness accounts and video footage would indicate that the young man was shot while in handcuffs; however, the officers involved claimed that Cedric May had wrestled away the trained and experienced officer’s tazer and pointed it at the officer’s face. No weapons or drugs were found on Cedric May’s person or in the vehicle he was traveling in.

Countless cases of child abuse were brought against families in Operation Phoenix areas who all seem to have the same complaint: that they were denied the right to present evidence or call witnesses to clear their names in front of judges affiliated with child protection services contracted agencies. Mayor Patrick J. Morris founded a few of these, such as The Children’s Fund (the business diagnoses child abuse). The more children who need to be checked out, the more grants his “non-profit” gets from the government: all at the tax payer’s expense.

A year ago, Councilwomen Wendy McCammack and Esther Estrada wanted an investigation into the program. Considering the recent allegations of child molestation in an Operation Phoenix community center, they felt that there were answers needed for the public; however, Councilman Chas Kelly did not find the situation as serious as the councilwomen did. This reporter caught him on camera, giggling while Wendy McCammack implored and investigation into Operation Phoenix.

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