Friday, September 4, 2009

Arrest made in the Arden/Guthrie Shooting

Not much positive has been said of the little, East-side of San Bernardino neighborhood that used to be known as "Little Africa” in recent days. Other residents of San Bernardino have claimed the neighborhood is gang-infested, crawling with pimps and hookers. The neighborhood residents have been trying to oversome stereotypes attached to the neighborhood from years ago. On September second, a tragedy struck the neighborhood: four children were shot while playing.

Police immediately responded to the scene and secured the area. No vehicles could leave the area and none could come in. The father of two of the children who were shot attempted to break through the secure area and reach his bleeding children, but police aggressively stopped him so that his children could receive proper medical care. Only hours later, he was grateful to the officer who accidentally sprained his wrist and helped to save his children’s lives.
The residents were confused and angry, trying to find reason for the incident. Many of them considered this altercation and that, trying to think of suspects. Some blamed the fact that the street lamps were not functional. Others blamed a recently sprouted urban legend.

Police worked ‘round the clock, taking every viable lead they could get. Dealing with the victims, neighbors, family and friends of the victims, the police did not let up when the station closed for the night. One would never consider that these cops and youths did not have much respect for one another in recent months if they were to look at the way the case was handled on both sides. Only weeks ago, the area supervising officer had to deal with PR issues in that area. An officer was kind enough to come out and speak with the children and explain where the police were coming from and promised that the children’s issues with certain officers would be dealt with accordingly. A truce was called.

Last night, an arrest was made in the shooting. The police won’t say much, but it is apparent that they have enough evidence to file charges on the individual. An exhausted area sergeant called and explained the dedication given by the police officers involved in the investigation this morning. He added that there couldn’t be much said of the individual who was in custody because it may cause problems with the case when it goes to trial. That respect will be given.

The neighborhood in question will be holding a meeting on Saturday to begin a neighborhood watch program. The area sergeant will be gathering tools for them; however, they won’t be ready for the Saturday meeting because it is short notice for him and he has, after all, been working ‘round the clock on the shooting case. He deserves his weekend.
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